Udeep Baral

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Organization: Federation of Computer Association Nepal
Country: Nepal
Email: udeepbrl@outlook.com

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Udeep Baral is an ICANN Fellow with extensive experience in internet governance and digital rights. He holds a degree in computer science and has experience working with diverse organizations. He is currently the Manager of the Federation of Computer Association Nepal (CAN Federation), a member of the APRALO Policy Forum, and a founding member of the Youth IGF Nepal. The Internet Society (ISOC) awarded him the UN IGF Youth Ambassador 2019 and the Digital Grassroots Ambassador 2018 Fellowship. He participated in the Youth in Internet Governance panel at the Nepal School of Internet Governance (npSIG) 2018.

Career History

He worked as a Program Officer for the Internet Society Nepal (ISOC Nepal) Chapter, where he represented the chapter at events and conferences, organized workshops and seminars, and lobbied for issues relating to internet governance and digital rights. He has also given technical help and capacity building in internet governance, as well as led impact evaluation initiatives. He has also worked as a Support Specialist at IBSS Nepal Pvt. Ltd., where he gave technical assistance and fixed network and system problems in addition to his work in internet governance.

He has become recognized for his outstanding communication, interpersonal, and organizational abilities, as well as his ability to create and sustain connections with stakeholders such as the government, non-governmental organizations, and civil society. He is committed to producing high-quality results while staying current on industry trends and improvements.