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Ivan vargas chaves.png
Affiliation: ColorIURIS
Country: Colombia


Vargas I. is a board member representing Colombia at ColorIURIS A.I.E.[1] Vargas has been part of AGEIA DENSI activities in Colombia, Argentina and Spain through ColorIURIS A.I.E. AGEIA DENSI has been one of ICANN's At-Large Structures since 2005.

He has been member of the International Chamber of Commerce Subcommittee for Intellectual Property in Colombia, Instituto Autor - Madrid and the Intellectual Property and the Biosciences Group, as well as of the European Law Institute in Vienna since 2012. Furthermore, in 2011 he served as an expert of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia’s discussion committee for the ISP liability and intellectual property law project. His recent publications include The expiration for popularizing the brand[2] and Critical considerations in the italian legal doctrine on Digital Rights Management

Vargas received his J.D. degree from the Rosario University's School of Law[3] and completed his postgraduate studies in Spain, Catalonia and Italy. His practice emphasizes intellectual property issues with a focus on ISP liability, copyright infringement, trademarks and patent law. His business transactions practice includes IT law advice, technology transfer and other complex IP transactions.

His research interests include:

  • Intellectual Property Infringements
  • Intellectual Property Policies
  • Copyright Law
  • Patent Law