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Country: Mauritius
Email: yann.kwok[at]gmail.com
LinkedIn: link=yankwok   [yankwok Yann Kwok]

Yan Kwok is a partner at Concentra and a Sloan Fellow from MIT. Originally from Mauritius, he worked as a strategy consultant for the United Nations and the Worldbank on African-related projects. His interests lie in entrepreneurship and venture capitalism. [1]

Yann Kwok is a member of the Board of Trustees of AfriNIC, the emerging regional Internet Registry. He was elected to ICANN's ccTLD Administrative committee of the DNSO, and chair of AfTLD, the African association of Top Level Domains. He is a member of the AfNOG Management Committee, and the ccTLD manager for .mu.[2]

Career History

Yann Kwok has frequently worked with international governments, and international bodies; such as in 1995 when Yann Kwok founded Internet Direct, and subsequently served as the strategy consultant for the United Nations. He prepared strategic recommendation for the President of Madagascar, leading to the privatization of Telecom Malagasy.

He worked as the Independent Regional Expert of World Bank Group evaluated bids which resulted in six capacity development projects, totaling $3M. Kwok worked as the Technical Director of the Mauritius Commercial Bank, where he provided DNS expertise, leading to the introduction of the country’s first Internet banking platform.

Other examples of his work resulting in the introduction or increase in African internet service include; acting as an Independent Technical Expert for the United Nations, evaluating bids for the $15M "Internet Initiative for Africa" project, thereby quadrupling Namibia's Internet connectivity. He was also the Regional Instructor of INTIF, France and built and trained a team, which created Madagascar’s first Internet connection.

Yann Kwok served as a Network Specialist in Kerzner International, Mauritius and planned and implemented a wide area network for one of the Top 5 Leading Resorts of the World.

In 1993, he co-founded Rogers Telecom / Terrasky a telecommunications company.

He worked in MIT Tiger Team, the MIT MBA team recruited by EMC in 2004.

In 2005, Mr.Kwok worked as a Summer Associate for the Draper Fisher Juvetson for Southern Cross Fund.


Royal College Port Louis 1981 — 1987.

University of Cape Town B.Com., Accounting and Information Systems, 1989 - 1991.

University of Cape Tow B.Com. (Hons.), Information Systems, 1992 - 1993.

M.I.T., Sloan School of Management M.B.A., Sloan Fellows Program, 2003 - 2004.

Stanford University Reuters Digital Vision Fellow, 2004-2005.