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Country: Netherlands
Email: demch[at]science.uva.nl

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Yuri Demchenko is the Senior Researcher of AIRG (Advanced Internet Research Group) at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Yuri Demchenko graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" (KPI) in 1981 receiving his diploma in Instrumentation and Measurement; and in 1989 he received a Cand. of Sc. degree.[1]

He has been active in internet infrastructure development for Ukraine's academic and research community since 1992. At this time he took part in a number of state and internationally funded projects. Yuri has maintained his professional links with the Ukrainian and Russian internet and research networking community; he recently contributed to the UNDP Report, "E-Readiness Assessment of Ukraine". Yuri has chaired two sections on Applications Security and Computer Grids at the annual Russian Research Networking Conference (RELARN-2003, RELARN-2004, RELARN-2005).

Yuri Demchenko is interested in esoteric philosophy and conducts vocational research on philosophical problems facing the emerging Information Society. [2]

Career History

Since October 2003, Yuri Demchenko has been working for the (AIRG) chaired by Prof. Cees de Laat at the University of Amsterdam. There he is contributing to the development of the Generic AAA (GAAA) Architecture in application to open collaborative environments and computer grids. His major projects include EU FP6 Project EGEE (Enabling Grid for E-Science in Europe); and the Collaboratory.nl (CNL) being developed by a consortium of the major Dutch industry players, such as Corus, DSM, FEI, Philips, and the Telematika Institute. His active topics of interest and contribution include distributed policy-based access control infrastructure, dynamic trust and policy management in SOA, virtual organisation, security architecture, and using SAML and XACML distributed authorisation. He is an active developer of Java based GAAA toolkits and contributes to the SAML and XACML multidomain authorisation profile for web services and grids.

He is also contributing to the research on operational security for XML Web Services and Grids, in particular developing XML Web Services and Grid security vulnerability and threat models, and further developing the Incident Object Description and Exchange Format (IODEF) in the framework of IETF INCH WG.

From March 2003 to September 2003 he worked as the project manager in NLnet Labs.[3]

He worked as a freelance technical consultant from November 2002 to February 2003.

From September 1998 to October 2002 he worked at TERENA as a Project Development Officers, Yuri Demchenko contributed to a number of projects and Task Forces coordinating TERENA community activity in areas of middleware, operational security, information services and grids. He was also involved with a number of other internal and external technical activities and projects including IODEF development, and Global Network Resource Tool (GNRT) reference services.

From September 1995 to September 1998, Yuri worked as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Aided Design at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Yuri served as the Director of the Computer Communication Center in Kiev from 1994 to 1995; prior to this Yuri worked five years as an Associate Professor at the Department of Experimental Research Automation in Kiev. From 1981 to 1988, Yuri worked as research engineer and research fellow of instrumentation ,and automated test and measurement systems in Kiev.

He also worked as a Senior Adviser on Internet Technologies and Trends for a leading Ukrainian ISP, Global Ukraine. He continues his tutoring activity with Master students on IT and computer grids.