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Status: Active
Registry Provider: XYZ.COM & CentralNic
Registry: XYZ.COM LLC
Registry Backend: CentralNic
Type: Generic
Category: Education
Key People
Daniel Negari
Registrations: 4,720
Parked Domains: 2,091
Parked Domain %: 44.3 %
Important Dates
Delegation: 10 April 2014
General Availability: 29 September 2015

More Information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.College is an active generic top level domain (gTLD). It is operated by XYZ, which also operates .xyz, .rent, .security, .protection, .theatre .cars, .car, .auto, and .storage. The purpose of .College is to provide an unrestricted generic platform for colleges, people, and organizations to have a memorable industry-specific name, to build out personal sites, and to have learning resources for their business.

.College domains have been registered in 70 countries as of March 9, 2016.

Mission and Uses

The .College domain extension was created as an open and unrestricted namespace, which allows any organization or individual to expand their global online presence. Educational institutions can use .College domains as short, memorable URLs to direct students to specific departments and programs, (e.g. BostonResearch.College, BostonEngineering.College).

.College domains can also be used by companies to offer continued learning or training programs, or to attract students to open positions and internships with domains like LeadershipTraining.College, NYCInternships.College, or CompanyName.College.

Individuals can also benefit from having a .College domain. Students can upload their CV on their own FirstNameLastName.College domain, researchers can post findings or recent publications on a .College domain, and professors can share course materials and assignments on a .College domain.

Communities and organizations looking to connect members, draw visitors to upcoming events or activities, and organizers promoting special events can secure .College domains to accomplish these goals.


Notable registrations

Since .College’s official delegation, many notable .College domains have been registered. Some examples are:

  • Oxford.College
  • Princeton.College
  • Columbia.College
  • Harvard.College
  • MIT.College
  • Yale.College
  • Princeton.College
  • Duke.College

End Users

.College domains have been adopted by various individuals and institutions and function in many ways to help them spread their mission. Some examples include:

  • [/kellogg.college Kellogg.College] - used by Oxford University for its graduate school, Kellogg College.
  • [/trojans.college Trojans.College] - adopted by the University of Southern California’s athletics program
  • [/seda.college SEDA.College] - an English language school in Dublin
  • [/vanier.college Vanier.College] - adopted by Vanier College. Vanier College also maps out specific services offered to its prospective and current students using subdomains of their Vanier.College URL, including a campus map on [/maps.vanier.college/ Maps.Vanier.College], the campus tech services department on [/itss.vanier.college/ ITSS.Vanier.College], and even a virtual walking tour of the campus on [/walk.vanier.college/ Walk.Vanier.College].

Premium domains

.College has seen 91 premium names registered as of 5-8-17, including notable domains like:

  • EC.College
  • After.College
  • Dorms.College
  • Grades.College
  • Into.College
  • Clubs.College