Status: Active
country: International
Registry Provider: XYZ
Type: Generic
Category: Culture

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.Theatre is a new active generic top level domain (gTLD) developed specifically for the entertainment industry. It is operated by XYZ.COM LLC, which also operates .xyz, .rent, .college, .security, .protection, .storage and through a joint venture - .cars, .car, and .auto.

Mission and Uses

.Theatre was created as a creative and versatile namespace for entertainment businesses, communities, and artists to market events and share their creativity with the world.

.Theatre can be used by actors and artists to build out unique and memorable websites to share their portfolios and reels online. Artistic communities and acting groups can also attract new members using targeted .Theatre URLs.

.Theatre provides the opportunity for movie theatres and live event venues to secure a domain that is the exact match for their business name. These businesses can additionally use .Theatre to market specific events or performances.

Delegation and Availability

.Theatre was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on September 14, 2015.

It entered general availability on January 27, 2016.