Non-Contracted Party House

The Non-Contracted Party House (NCPH) is one of the two major structures making up the GNSO, with the other being the Contracted Party House, which includes registrars and registries.[1] The GNSO is a bicameral structure, with one house made up of those that are directly contracting with ICANN, and the other for those that are not.[2] The NCPH includes members who are internet service providers, businesses, connectivity providers and intellectual property constituencies. The NCPH is composed of the Commercial and Non-Commercial Stakeholders Groups.[3]



Non-Contracted Parties House

The number and type of constituencies that fall under the NCPH are allowed to be in constant flux, while the stakeholder groups are set bodies that monitor and foster the constituencies.

GNSO Council Appointees

Twelve representatives are appointed from the NCPH to serve on the GNSO Council, plus one Voting NCA. From the Commercial Stakeholder Group, six representatives are chosen, with two coming from each of its members' Constituencies. Six representatives are chosen from the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group. One selected representative is chosen to be the Vice Chair.

The current representatives are:

Non-Contracted Party House

Commercial Stakeholder Group

Commercial and Business Users - Business Constituency

Intellectual Property Interests - Intellectual Property Constituency

ISP Interests - ISP Constituency

Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group

Nominating Committee Appointees