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Dates: October 28-31, 2002
Location: Shanghai, China
Venue: Shanghai International Convention Centre
Website: ICANN 14

ICANN 14 took place in Shanghai, China in October 2002. The event was to last for the duration of five days, although there were several pre-meeting activities available to attend on the day before the event actually commenced. All Public Forum meetings throughout the event were free to attend, by any person that was interested in the Agenda, although pre-registration was recommended due to a high demand in the seats available.

Topics that were to be discussed throughout these meetings had included the Wait – Listing service, International Domain Names, and the final approval of the LACNIC, was presented. A meeting was also held to discuss the transfer of TLD Domain Names.


ICANN 14 had featured several meetings throughout the event, below are a list of the meetings, that had taken place during ICANN 14.[1]

  • ICANN Board Meeting
  • ICANN Public Forum
  • Presidents Report
  • GAC Report
  • DNSO General Assembly
  • ccTLD Registries Constituency
  • Security and Stability Advisory Committee
  • ccTLD Registries Constituency
  • Non-Commercial Constituency Registrars Constituency
  • IPv6 Standards Development Status


One of the major talking points of this ICANN event was the 2002 Evolution and Reform Process. The discussion was taken to new levels during the public forum, and also the ICANN board meeting, which had taken place during this event. It was also during this event that the new ICANN reform was announced in the form of the Heathrow declaration.

The Heathrow declaration was a report which was put together, which would explain in detail the new proposals for the ICANN reform and also the reasons as to why the reform had been scheduled. Although the ICANN board had mentioned, that ICANN has carried out all tasks to the best of its ability in recent events, there was always room for improvement.

The Full Heathrow declaration can be found by visiting the link below.

The Heathrow Report


Video of both the Public Forum and the ICANN Board Meeting are available to download through following the link Provided.

ICANN 14 Video Files

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