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JIG stands for Joint ccNSO-GNSO Internationalized Domain Names Working Group. The main purpose of the JIG is to deal with various issues related to the introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) ccTLDs under the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Implementation Process. It also deals with issues related to the introduction of IDN gTLDs under the new gTLD implementation process.[1]


During the ICANN meeting in Sydney (ICANN 35), the GNSO and ccNSO council came to the conclusion that there are certain issues or topics of common interest between the two organizations related to the introduction of IDN ccTLDs under the IDN ccTLDs Fast Track Implementation process and introduction of IDN gTLDs under the new gTLD Implementation Process. It was suggested that a collaborative working group should drafted to address these common topics or issues; as such, a Joint Working Group (JIG) was tasked to identify, explore and research on the topics and issues which were common to both GNSO and ccNSO councils. Once the JIG identified and explored the issues, it was to recommend the appropriate methodology to address the issues. However, it was commonly decided by both the councils that the ongoing implementation of new gTLDs and IDN ccTLDs should not be delayed waiting for the reports from JIG.[2]


JIG should be concentrated on issues of common interest to both the ccNSO and the GNSO communities. In identifying issues and recommending various ways to resolve them, the JIG Working Group takes into account the following considerations:

  1. It should predominantly focus on the maintaining domain names in a secured and a stable environment.
  2. When resolving issues, the working group should not only consider the IDN in Applications (IDNA) protocol and IDN Guidelines but also consider any and all updates for these protocol and guidelines.
  3. The working group should consider the advice of the technical community while implementing the issues related to the IDNs.
  4. It should take into account the GNSO Policy Recommendations on new gTLDs.
  5. It should also consider the regular proposals made by IDNC working board while doing the research and recommending the methodologies for issues on IDN ccTLDs and new gTLDs.[3]


The ccNSO Council will appoint a maximum of 5 of its members to the Joint Working Group. Similarly, the GNSO will appoint maximum of 5 of its members to the Joint Working Group. These members will be appointed by both councils using their own rules and procedures. The chairs of GNSO and ccNSO will act as ex-officio members of JIG. The chair of the JIG may seek assistance from members of ICANN’s technical community for their tasks. ICANN will provide additional support staff for the JIG whenever necessary.[4]

Closure of JIG

When the new IDN ccTLD Fast Track Implementation Plan or new gTLD Process is successfully accepted by the ICANN Board of Directors, the WG will be closed, unless the ccNSO and the GNSO council extends the duration of JIG WG.[5]

Working Group Members

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