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ICANN generates and relies on a multitude of policies and practices. Some of the policies, such as those that govern [[DNS]], undergo a formal [[PDP]] and must culminate in an [[ICANN Board]] approval. The processes through which ICANN functions are developed through extensive dialogue in an effort to reflect the perspectives of various stakeholders in the ICANN community, but they do not require a PDP. Operational policies and General practices are examples of the latter.<ref>[ What is Policy?]</ref>
===Policy Development===
: ''Main article: [[PDP|ICANN Policy Development]]''
DNS Policies are developed through formal policy development processes (PDPs), as set forth by the Bylaws.
: ''Main article: [[ICANN Governance]]''
Governance refers to the operational policies that define how ICANN operates as an organization. These policies are not subject to PDPs and tend to depend on community input through less formal means.

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