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Raymond King

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|portrait = RaymondKingPortrait.jpg|caricature = RaymondKingCaricatureRayKingCaricatureNew.jpgjpeg|organization=Top Level Design|jobtitle=CEO|gender=Male|born region=North America|country = USA|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|email = ray [at]|website = |twitter = rathbone|facebook = [ Raymond King]|linkedin = [ Raymond King]|twitter=rathbone
'''Raymond King''' is an entrepreneur. He is the CEO Founder of [[]],<ref>[]</ref> and the Director of [[ICANNWiki]], and the CEO of [[Top Level Design]], LLC.
Mr. King has founded four companies, and enjoys the technical and business challenges of birthing totally new ideas. He started his first company, The Computer Workshop, with a friend while still in high school. It was featured on EyeWitness news and the New York Times<ref>[ New York Times]</ref>. As a sophomore at [ M.I.T.], Ray created a project management software package for his father's architectural firm. This project became Ray's second company, [ Semaphore, Inc.] By 1990, it was rated No. 1 in its space by ARCHITECTURE Magazine. Ten years later, Semaphore had more than 2,500 clients and 100 employees. After Semaphore was acquired by [ Deltek Systems, Inc.] in 2000<ref>[ Deltek Pressroom]</ref>, Ray moved from New York City to Portland, Oregon, to co-found [[SnapNames|]]<ref>[ DNJournal]</ref>. The company invented several new ways for people to acquire domain names, and grew to more than $49 million in annual revenue by the time it was acquired by [[]] in 2007.<ref>[ SnapNames Announcement]</ref> . Ray's current venture, [[AboutUs]].org, is the world's largest editable index of the Web. The site offers both paid and free services for small business owners looking to drive more traffic to their websites. [[AboutUs|]] serves three million millions of unique visitors per month, and employs 13 people at its Portland office
== Career History ==
=== [[Top Level Design|Top Level Design, LLC]] (2013 - Present) ===Created to apply for [[TLD]]s in [[ICANN]]'s New gTLD Program. The company has successfully submitted 10 applications to ICANN for: [[.art]], [[.blog]], [[.design]], [[.gay]], [[.group]], [[.ink]], [[.llc]], [[.photography]], [[.style]] and [[.wiki]]. === AboutUs, Inc. (2006 - Present2012) ===
Like WikiIndex, the foundation is a page for every website, but because it encompasses the entire web there can be more synergy between pages and this metadata then becomes the starting point of a guide to the Internet that we all can use.<ref>[]</ref>
=== [[ICANNWiki| ]] (2005+) ===
Ray has always been a big fan of collaborative technologies, and in early 2005, he was bit by the wiki-bug. For this, he credits his friend [[John Stanton]] who is always making him look at new stuff. His first wiki project was [[ICANNWiki]]. He became interested in [[ICANN]] through his involvement in [[domaining]].
=== (2005+) ===
The next wiki he worked on is [[WikiIndex]], which is a listing of all known wikis. The WikiIndex's roots was a site called SwitchWiki -- [[User:MarkDilley|MarkDilley's ]] original comprehensive list of wikis that he had compiled over the years. WikiIndex is a great way to see what's happening in the wiki world as well find wikis that cover many different subject matters. There are over 3,500 wikis listed by topic, wiki engine, language, edit mode and activity. Furthermore, the site itself is also a wiki!
=== SnapNames, Inc. (2000-2005) ===
* []
* [[DotWiki]], ([ DotWiki Website])
* [[AboutUs]], Inc. ([ Website])
* [[ICANNWiki|ICANNWiki]] ([ Website]) / [[User:Ray|his user page]]
* RecentChanges.Info - Blog on the subject of wikis ([ Website])
== ICANN Singapore Video Interview Interviews ==Ray was interviewed at [[ICANN 44]] as a new gTLD applicant : {{#ev:youtube|pK3HjYmeF3U}} Ray was interviewed by [[Gray Chynoweth]] at [[ICANN 41]] in Singapore. They discussed [[ICANNWiki]] and [[New gTLD Program|New gTLDs]]. : {{#ev:youtube|sGaq8bDcSJ8}}
== Fun Facts ==* <videoflash>sGaq8bDcSJ8</videoflash>Was briefly on Sesame Street as a detective* Went to elementary school with Lenny Kravitz* Has 7 pygmy goats

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