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The Customer Standing Committee (CSC) ensures the performance of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) naming function by monitoring Public Technical Identifiers' (PTI) performance against the service level expectations outlined in the IANA Naming Function Contract.[1]

CSC Roles

Performance Analysis

The CSC analyzes performance reports provided by PTI and publishes its findings.

Remedial Action

The CSC is authorized to undertake remedial action to address poor performance of the IANA naming function. If the performance issues are not addressed, the CSC can escalate the issues to the ccNSO and GNSO.


The CSC consists of:

  • Two gTLD members, appointed by the RySG
  • Two ccTLD members, appointed by ccNSO
  • One member who non-ccTLD or gTLD
  • Up to seven liaisons appointed by the ALAC, SSAC,

GNSO (other than from the RySG), GAC, RSSAC, ASO (or any future Supporting Organizations or [[AC|Advisory Committees)