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Type: Privately Held,
Industry: DNS Registrar
Founded: 2001
Founder(s): Thomas Barrett
Headquarters: 400 West Cummings Park

Suite 1725, Woburn MA 01801

Country: USA
Employees: 11-50
Website: http://www.encirca.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/encirca


Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@http://twitter.com/encirca
Key People
Thomas Barrett, President

Kate Kalmakis Moran, Media Contact

Encirca is a Boston-based ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and trademark protection service company founded in 2001. Thomas Barrett is the Founder and President of the company.[1]

The company supports registration for hundreds of TLDs, with a specialty in restricted TLDs, such as .BANK, .PHARMACY, .TRAVEL and .JOBS. as well as the majority of ccTLDs.[2] [3]

The company is the exclusive registrar and validation provider for many TLDs, including: .REALTOR, .MED, .HOMES, .MOTORCYCLES, .AUTOS, .BOATS and .YACHTS as well as several others under non-disclosure.

Other Services

EnCirca operates Calzone.org, an calendar for the domain name industry[4]. It also operates an affiliated ICANN Registrar, Name Share, Inc[5].

Aside from offering domain name and trademark protection services, the company also offer other services which include secure website and e-mail hosting, secure NS management, blog hosting and watching & search engine marketing.

ICANN and Encirca

In 2017, Mr. Barrett is the Vice Chair of CANN's Nomcom2 Review Working Party.[6] He is also serving a second term on the NomCom as the elected representative of the Registrar Stakeholder Group[7]

In 2015, at the request of ICANN, EnCirca developed a business course for the DNS Entrepreneurial Center[8] in Giza, Egypt, a joint venture between ICANN and Egypt's National Telecom Regulatory Authority. Mr. Barrett presented the business class in five locations, including[9]:

  • March, 2015 - Giza, Egypt.
  • October, 2015 - Tunis, Tunisia
  • October, 2015 - Doha, Qatar
  • February, 2016 - Muscat, Oman
  • February, 2016 - Dubai, UAE

In 2015 and 2016, Mr. Barrett served on the Program Committee of the Middle East DNS Forum and presented at the Amman, Jordan and Tunis, Tunisia meetings[10].

On October 13, 2003, Thomas Barrett urged ICANN to impose a moratorium on the introduction of all registry services until the GNSO has the opportunity to develop a consensus-based policy. He emphasized that the internet community, including all ICANN Constituencies, deserve clarity regarding the ICANN process to exercise a consensus on the new registry services. Barrett also said that the entire DNS industry should ensure that the public has the highest confidence that changes are being introduced according to a well-defined process based on consensus agreements. Furthermore, he applauded ICANN's decision to facilitate proposals though timely, transparent and predictable procedures for the introduction of registry services [11]


On March 14, 2005, ICANN expressed its' concern regarding the registration practices of Encirca's ProForwarding Service on .pro, which is a restricted domain intended only for professional individuals and entities. ICANN alleged that their ProForwarding Service "seems to be designed to circumvent these restrictions by allowing anybody to obtain “the full benefits of domain registration” in .pro without having any professional credentials".[12] There were a number of communications made to resolve the issue.[13]