GNSO Small Teams

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Small Team Members Tasks Start Date End Date Output
ICANN 72 GAC Communique small team Jeff Neuman, Olga Cavalli, Paul McGrady, Philippe Fouquart, Antonia Chu, Desiree Miloshevic-Evans (Staff Support: Emily Barabas) 01 Nov 2021 18 Nov 2021 ICANN 72 GAC Communique Review
Job Description for the Nominating Committee Olga Cavalli, Mark Datysgeld, Maxim Alzoba, Flip Petillion, Tomslin Samme Nlar (Staff Support: Steve Chan) 3 Nov 2021 2 Dec 2021 NomCom Job Description
Modifying gTLD Consensus Policies John McElwaine, Maxim Alzoba, Stephanie Perrin, Antonia Chu, Thomas Rickert, Steve DelBianco, Chris Disspain, Susan Mohr, Sebastien Ducos, Owen Smigelski (Staff Support: Marika Konings and Emily Barabas) discussed Modifying gTLD Consensus Policies at ICANN 72 and indicated that more time, members of the ICANN Community, and SMEs are needed 15 Nov 2021
EPDP Phase 1 Recommendation 12 Sebastien Ducos, Greg DiBiase, Thomas Rickert, Manju Chen, Becky Burr (Staff Support: Caitlin Tubergen) reviewed the ICANN Board’s understanding of the intent and impact of Recommendation 12, confirm or prepare clarification questions for Becky Burr 08 Nov 2021 21 Jan 2022 Recommendation 12 Board-Small Team Discussion
Next steps regarding DNS Abuse Thomas Rickert, Mark Datysgeld, Wisdom Donkor, Greg DiBiase, Maxim Alzoba, Sebastien Ducos, Justine Chew, Philippe Fouquart, Tomslin Samme Nlar, Paul McGrady (Staff Support: Steve Chan, Marika Konings) consider what policy efforts, if any, the GNSO Council should consider undertaking to support the efforts already underway in the different parts of the community to tackle DNS abuse; articulate what specific problems the small team's recommended policy work will address and how it will intersect with other ongoing activities or indicate whether any triggering events could result in a reconsideration 09 Feb 2022 Input Review Tool
EPDP Phase 2 Small Team to review the SSAD ODA Paul McGrady, Sebastien Ducos, Marc Anderson, Stephanie Perrin, John McElwaine, Olga Cavalli, Thomas Rickert, Laureen Kapin (GAC- shared membership), Chris Lewis-Evans (GAC- shared membership), Alan Greenberg, Sarah Wyld, Steve DelBianco, Becky Burr, Steve Crocker, Philippe Fouquart (GNSO Council Observing), Tomslin Samme Nlar (GNSO Council Observing) (Alternate: Gregory DiBiase, Staff: Marika Konings, Berry Cobb, Caitlin Tubergen) determine whether the ODA correctly interpreted the intent of the SSAD recommendations, whether the ODA overlooked any aspects of the SSAD recommendations; its view on ICANN Board concerns; help inform the Council’s deliberations and consultation with the ICANN Board
Closed Generics Framing Paper Paul McGrady, Kurt Pritz, Jeff Neuman, Justine Chew, Manju Chen, Greg DiBiase, Desiree Miloshevic, Marie Pattullo, (Council Observers: GNSO Council Leadership Observing: Philippe Fouquart, Tomslin Samme Nlar, Sebastien Ducos Propose to Council next steps following Board proposal to work with the GAC on developing a framework for closed generics; suggest to Council the proposed dialogue's conditions, parameters, methodology, and facilitator attributes