ICANN 10 - Montevideo

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Dates: 7th - 10th September 2001
Location: Montevideo
Host: Uruguay
Venue: Radisson Hotel, Montevideo
Website: http://archive.icann.org/en/meetings/montevideo/

ICANN 10 took place in Montevideo, Uruguay in September 2001. All meetings throughout the event were to be held at the Radisson Hotel, located in the centre of Montevideo, and any interested person, was free to attend the event if they were to choose.

The event saw a wide range of topics discussed and all archives of the meetings that took place are available online. Meetings took place throughout the three days. The first day saw The DNSO General Assembly, Day 2 saw the open Public Forum, and day 3 was the continuation of the Public Forum and the Final board meeting for the Event.

Historical Notes

During this event, there were to be three new persons elected into the governmental advisory committee. These positions were to be for the vice chairs of the group and were to have been nominated too:[1]

  • Mr Len St. Aubin, Canada
  • Mr Sharil Tarmizi, Malaysia
  • Mr Christopher Wilkinson, European Commission


There were many sessions that had taken place throughout this event. Some of the most prominent sessions were as follows: [2]

ICANN Orientation Workshop

Domain Name Supporting Organization Constituency Meetings

As a part of the DNS constituency meetings the following sessions had taken place:[3]

ICANN Public Forum

The ICANN Public forum had covered many different topics, some of the sessions that had taken place during the public forum were as follows:[4]

  • Internationalized domain names
  • President Finance Committee and Audit Committee meetings
  • Root-Server System Advisory Committee

ICANN Board Meeting

As in previous ICANN events, the board meeting was to be the last meeting of the event and was also webcast to allow for remote participation and remote acsess. The Board had held sessions during the meeting which had included:[5]

  • Nominations to 28 September 2001 Reconsideration Committee
  • Approval of amendment extending MoU

Government Advisory Committee

The government Advisory Committee meeting was the first meeting of the event and had lasted throughout the day, running several groups at the same time in different rooms at the location. Meetings that had taken place under the GAC were as follows:[6]

  • Working Methods including outreach activities
  • Update on ccTLD issues
  • Open Session with ccTLD Constituency

IANA ccTLD Managers Workshop


The Agenda for the Public Forum

All Archives from this Event

The ICANN Montevideo Website

External Links

The ICANN Montevideo Website