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Welcome to ICANNWiki's Community Portal

Help us give everyone a voice in the future of the internet.

Be a Leader

ICANNWiki needs a leader like you!

Current Strategic Planning


  • Giving everyone a voice in the future of the Internet.


  • [same as Mission]


  • provides neutral, third-party information for ICANN meeting attendees, community members, and Internet citizens at large

Organizations Goals ( up to 3)

  • Content is up to date
  • Sponsorship
  • Community - edits, social media is engaging as a baby step

Key Objectives ( maybe 2 within each Org Goal)


  • Sponsorship metrics are easy
  • Difficult to have for content

Write for your community

Get started

  1. Request a user account.
  2. ICANNWiki Admins and Editors review your request.
  3. You're approved.
  4. Write about your connections to or interests in ICANN, the DNS, or Internet governance.
  5. Be yourself and let us know who you are.
  6. Edit existing articles and fill in gaps in the wiki. Review our guide to creating a great article, FAQs, or examples of good articles that utilize ICANNWiki templates.

Learn how to do it

Check out what we need

Use a template

Templates provide a common information display box for companies, community members, and TLDs. These are copy-paste versions for you to put into new articles (or articles that are missing that information).

Other ways to grow ICANNWiki

Tell us what to spotlight

Feel free to recommend an article to be featured! Edit the upcoming list to propose an article.

Use these references and resources

The community has compiled lists of valuable guides, coverage of ICANN, and other useful information. Please add to the lists!

If you are interested in sponsoring ICANNWiki or have ideas of how you'd like to participate, let us know! You can also donate via Paypal.

Make suggestions & requests

This resource exists for the ICANN community, and it is powered by awesome volunteers within that community. After a hiatus, we now also have paid editorial support! Your opinions are valuable - they help us direct the work of our paid editors and provide prompts and guidance for volunteers.

Stay in touch

Email us

  • Email our Managing Content Editor, Jessica

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