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General Information
Dates: 31 October 2016 - 2 November 2017
Location: Hyderabad, {{{Country/Territory}}}
Category: SIG

The first edition of the India SIG was convened in Oct-Nov 2016 at IIIT Hyderabad, immediately prior to the ICANN 57 meeting held at the same city. The event had 44 participants from 9 countries and 22 speakers from 12 countries.The inSIG 2016 was organised by ISOC TRV and ISOC Delhi. It was supported by National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), Government of India; ICANN, IIIT Hyderabad, APNIC and APSIG

The venue was Saranga Hall of International Institute of Information Technology (IIITH), Hyderabad.[1]


Indian Participants International Participants
Adarsh B U Nooria Ahmadi (Afghanistan)
Anurag Vijay Agrawal Babu Ram Aryal (Nepal)
Dr. Manish Arora Mohammad Abdul Awal (Bangladesh)
Arul R. Kilnam Chon (South Korea)
Dr Venkatesh Choppella Mubashir Hassan (Pakistan)
Shibendu Debbarma Haoran Huang (China)
Harsh Ghildiyal Ihtisham Khalid (Pakistan)
Lokesh Gujjarappa Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi (Afghanistan)
Shahul Hameed Maheeshwara Kirindigoda (Sri Lanka)
Parthiv Hejmadi Conglun Liu (China)
Abhishek Jain Limei Liu (China)
Anand Krishnan Renata Aquino Ribeiro (Brazil)
Dr Kotaro Kataoka Raphael Silveiras (Brazil)
Arshad Mohammed Mohibullah Utmankhil (Afghanistan)
Prof. Poolla R.K. Murti Zhai Wen (China)
Niharika Nandan
Japleen Pasricha
Sabarinath Pillai
Dr Ravi Pillutla
Dr K S Rajan
Gnanajeyaraman Rajaram
Dr Shatrunjay Rawat
Syed Nazir Razik
Dr Vijay Sekhar
Senthilkumar K B
Swati Shinde
Manmeet Pal Singh
Sibtain Zaheer

Program Schedule[2]

Day 1: Monday, 31 Oct 2016

Time Code Topic/Activity Speakers
09:00 Registration
09:15 M0 Welcome and Participant Introductions
10:00 M1 IG in India: History and context Dr Govind, Ex-CEO, NIXI & ISOC Delhi
10:45 Tea break
11:00 M2 IG: History, Context and Principles Milton Mueller, NCUC
12:00 M3 The IG Ecosystem and Entities Alan Greenberg, ALAC
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 M4 Panel: IG in Asia-Pacific: Regional Variations Kilnam Chon (APSIG), Kelvin Wong (ICANN-APAC), Mahesh Uppal (ComFirst)
15:00 M5 inSIG Keynote: The State of IG Today Ram Mohan, ICANN Board
16:00 Tea Break
16:15 M6 Internet Governance and Diplomacy Nick Thorne, Former UK Ambassador to the UN in Geneva
17:15 Close of Day

Day 2: Tuesday, 1 Nov 2016

Time Code Topic/Activity Speakers
09:00 T1 IG Perspectives: The Public Interest Alan Greenberg, ALAC
10:00 T2 IG Perspectives: Social, Political and Cultural Milton Mueller, NCUC
11:00 Tea break
11:15 T3 IG Perspectives: Governmental Rahul Gosain, Government of India
12:15 Lunch
13:15 T4 IG Perspectives: Tech and Engineering Srinivas Chendi, APNIC
14:15 T5 Panel: The IANA Transition: Testimony to Multistakeholderism in Action Chair: Izumi Okutani (CRISP/JPNIC), Milton Mueller (NCUC), Dr Govind (ISOC-DEL)
15:15 Tea break
15:30 T6 Panel: ICANN Accountability Post Transition: Workstream 2 Chair: Asha Hemrajani (ICANN Board), Sébastien Bachollet (At-Large), Izumi Okutani (JPNIC), Vinay Kesari (CCWG), Becky Burr (Neustar)
16:30 T7 Evolution of the Multistakeholder Model: Past, Present and Future Rinalia Abdul Rahim, ICANN Board
18:30 inSIG Dinner Paradise, Gachibowli [3]

Day 3: Wednesday, 2 Nov 2016

Time Code Topic/Activity Speakers
9:00 W1 Participating in IG organizations and processes Olivier Crepin Leblond, At-Large
10:00 W2 IG Issues: Human Rights, Culture, Democracy, and Developing Countries Parminder Jeet Singh, IT4Change
11:00 Tea break
11:15 W4 Participating in IG organizations and processes (Part 2) Sandra Hoferichter, EuroDIG
12:15 W3 IG Perspectives: Legal Vinay Kesari, CCWG
13:15 Lunch
14:00 W5 IG Issues: Zero Rating, Net Neutrality, Intermediary Liability Sunil Abraham, CIS
15:00 Tea break
15:15 W6 Panel: Challenges for the Post-Transition Ecosystem: Accountability, Governance & Diversity; Chair: John Laprise (IG Strategist), Sandra Hoferichter (EuroDIG), Prashant Sugathan (SFLC), Kilnam Chon (APSIG), Nick Thorne (Former UK Ambassador to UN)
16:30 W7 Distribution of certificates & Closing

Closing Ceremony

One the final day of inSIG 2016, all the participants were given certificates for participating in inSIG 2016. All the volunteers from IIITH, who helped in organising the program were also given certificates and gifts.

Video Recording

The complete video recording of inSIG 2016 is live and public. Link

The photographs of the inSIG 2016 Link (Photo Courtesy to : Glenn McKnight)