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This resource is not comprehensive of the African delegation within ICANN. It is neutral, but is sponsored by Registry.Africa (ZACR), an applicant for the .africa TLD. More on their project can be found here
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Select African GAC Representatives
Alice Wanjira Munyua
Bienvenu Lumbu Kitungwa
Nelly Kwende
Mohamed Ibrahim
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ms. Munyua is the the Project Coordinator for Catalyzing Access to ICTS (CATIA), the convener of the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANET), the Head of the .ke ccTLD, and the Vice-Chair of the GAC, and was Chair of the Organizational Committee 2011 Nairobi IGF..Read More
Mr. Kitungwa is the Adviser in charge of ICT and Telecommunications at the Democratic Republic of Congo's Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. He is also a member of the Inter-Governmental Assembly. His background is in IT within the private sector..Read More
Ms. Kwende is the Director General of ICT at the Ministry of Communication of Benin, she has held this position since 2005. She is also the GAC Representative of Benin. Ms. Kwende serves as the Director of DARIG at the Ministry of Communication, and focuses on promoting and implementing new technologies..Read More
Mr. Ibrahim is the Founding Chairman of ISOC Somalia, the Project Manager of the .so registry, a Research Fellow at University of Melbourne, an advisor to Somalia's Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, the Chairman of the Centre for Research and Dialogue, and Somalia's IGF. He has attended a number of ICANN conferences, and is becoming involved in the ccNSO and GAC on behalf of Somalia..Read More

Select AfriNIC Board and Executives, Past and Present
Lala AndriamampianinaCaricature.jpg
Adiel Akplogan
Didier Kasole
Pierre Dandjinou
Lala Andriamampianina
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Mr. Akplogan is the longtime CEO of AFRINIC, the African Regional Internet Registry. He recently signed an agreement for greater coordination and technical deployment for Africa with ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé...Read More
Mr. Kasole is a Board Member of AFRINIC, AfrISPA, and a member of AfNOG. He is a former member of ICANN's NomCom...Read More
Mr. Dandjinou is the newly appointed Vice President for Stakeholder Engagement at ICANN. He is President of ISOC Benin and has extensive experience in ICANN, AFRINIC, and other regional and international IT bodies. He was a member of the AfriNIC Executive Board from 2007 - 2010..Read More
Mr. Andriamampianina is a Professor at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar; a Board Member of LIRIMA/INRIA Research Lab and Africa/France, and the Founding Chair of NIC-MG, the ccTLD manager of .mg. He is also a Board Member of AfriNIC, RIR of Africa, and a Member of the AFNIC International College...Read More
Ndeye Maimouna Diop Diagne
Paulos Nyirenda
Yann Kwok
Khaled Koubaa
Ms. Diagne is the AFRINIC Board Member representing Western Africa, serving a term from 2010 until 2013. She is also Senegal's longtime representative to ICANN's GAC and the ICT Director at Senegal's Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and ICT...Read More
Mr. Nyirenda is the National Coordinator of Malawi SDNP, the manager of the .mw ccTLD. He is also a NIC.MW employee and a ccNSO Council member representing the Africa Region. He is a current AFRINIC board member representing Southern Africa, serving a term from 2012 to 2015..Read More
Mr. Kwok is a Sloan Fellow from MIT who has worked with the major ICT foras in Africa and consulted for The United Nations and World Bank on Africa-related projects. He has also co-founded a telecom provider. He served the AFRINIC Board from 2001 to 2004..Read More
Mr. Koubaa is the founder and executive director of the first research and publication institute dedicated to the Internet in the Arab Region, the Arab World Internet Institute. He has been involved with The Internet Society since 2005, and he participates actively within the WSIS. He founded the Internet Society chapter of Tunisia and serves as its president. He is a current AFRINIC Alternate African Board Member, serving a term from 2010 to 2013 representing Northern Africa..Read More
Alioune Badara Traoré
Rachida Jouhari
Mr. Traoré is a current Alternate AFRINIC Baord Member, serving a term from 2010 to 2013 representing Western Africa. He is a Lecturer and Project Engineer at the Society of Mali's Telecommunications (SOTELMA), a VP of ISOC Mali, and an international Tae Kwon Do referee!..Read More
Ms. Jouhari is Morocco's representative to ICANN's GAC, and a former Board Member for AFRINIC, serving between 2007 and 2010. She is a telecom engineer and a former President of the Moroccan Association of Civile Society for the Information Society..Read More

AfTLD Leadership
Vincent NgundiCaricature.jpg
Vika Mpisane
Mohamed El Bashir
Vincent Ngundi
Souleymane Oumtanaga
South Africa
Cote D'Ivoire
Mr. Mpisane is the General Manager of the .za Domain Name Authority, .za DNA, which is the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Manager for South Africa. He is a current Member of ICANN's ccNSO Council, and he is the Chairman and President of AfTLD..Read More
Mr. El Bashir is is the Manager of Internet, Numbering and Interconnection at ictQATAR and is a member of ICANN's AFRALO. He is considered on expert on Internet Infrastructure management, DNS, ccTLDs, and IDNs, and has experience starting and running national registries. As a native of Sudan, he founded its ISOC chapter in 2001; the chapter went on to become the manager of Sudan's .sd ccTLD in 2002. He acted as its President until 2008. He is AfTLD's Director of Communications and outreach..Read More
Mr. Ngundi is Manager of IT at Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), the dot .KE country code Top Level Domain, ccTLD, registry. He is the Director of Capacity Building and the Vice Chairman of its Technical Committee. he also holds other regional and international posts such as positions within AFRINIC working groups and ICANN's ASO Council..Read More Mr. Oumtanaga is the is the General Manager of NIC.CI, a position he has held since 1992. Oumtanaga is also a Professor at the National Polytechnic Institute Felix Houphouët-Boigny, a member of the LARIT, and serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at AfTLD. He is a current member of the ccNSO Council, representing Africa until March, 2014..Read More
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