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Dates: 13th - 17th July 2000
Location: Yokohama, japan
Host: Japan
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center Yokohama, Japan
Website: [1]
Historical Significance
ICANN 6 was the first event to be held in Yokohama, Japan


ICANN 6 took place in Yokohama, Japan, and it was the first ICANN event to take place in Japan. The event was of a high interest and many persons had arrived for the meetings in which were to take place. The meetings took place in several hotels across Yokohama, including the Kaiyotei Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel and the main host the Pacifico Yokohama Conferance centre. ICANN 6 was seen to have been a very succsessful event as many issues were discussed and several were resolved. This meeting proved just how far the ICANN events had developed since its begining.

The Meetings were free to attend by any interested person and as in previous ICANN events, there was also a remote participation facility, for persons who were unable to make the Event. The Local organizing committee for the event was Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC).


The meetings for ICANN 6 were to be held over a six day period, which was to be the longest an ICANN event had ever been schedulaed for. However in previous events, you will have seen that each day was seen as a busy day, and the mettings were all one after the other, which could have been seen as too much to take in for one day. Many of the meetings that had taken place throughout the event were not behind closed doors and were all availble as an open forum, even the ICANN board of directors meeting was avilable as a webcast.

The meetings covered a variety of topics and sessions included:

  • ICANN Board of Directors Meeting
  • ICANN Public Forum
  • Governmental Advisory Committee
  • Domain Name Supporting Organization
  • Intellectual Property Constituency
  • ISPs and Connectivity Providers
  • Non-commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency

A complete Agenda and Timetable for the event can be found here


There were many talking point on all issues raised during this event. The open forum provided some key points all of which were up for a public commenting and disucssion, one main discussion was on new top level domains. During the course of this event it was recommended by the names ocuncil, that ICANNcreate a new system to over see new top level domains. New top level domains where to now undergo a careful evealuation.

The Names Council had taken note of the fact, that the working group C reports, had indicated that several types of internet domains should be considered in their initial introduction, these were: fully open top-level domains, restricted and chartered top-level domains with limited scope, non-commercial domains and personal domains.

To assist the ICANN Board in this task of introducing new gTLDs, the Names Council had recommended that the ICANN staff should invite expressions of interest from certain parties seeking to operate any new gTLD registry, and they also should provde an indication as to how they propose to ensure to promote all values in this new system.

Historical Notes

As a result of this event, there weere certain changes made to the way in which new Top level domains were accepted and chosen. Here are the new guidelines which were proposed in this meeting.

  • The feasibilty and utility of different types of new TLDs.
  • The efficacy of different procedures for launching new TLDs.
  • Different policies under which the TLDs can be administered in the longer term.
  • Different operational models for the registry and registrar functions.
  • Different institutional structures for the formulation of registration and operation policies within the TLD.

The current SEO of ICANN at this time was Mike Roberts


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