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Industry: Internet governance
Email: sec@aprigf.asia
Website: http://aprigf.asia
Facebook: @APrIGF.Asia
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@aprigf_
Key People
Rajnesh Singh, Chair
Anju Mangal, Vice-Chair
Babu Ram Aryal, Vice-Chair
DotAsia Organisation, Secretariat

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) is one of the key regional initiatives on Internet governance. By adopting the multi-stakeholder approach as its core principle. APrIGF serves as a platform for discussion exchange and collaboration at a regional level and also where possible to aggregate national IGF discussions, ultimately advance the Internet governance development in the Asia Pacific region.

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum

Today, Asia has the strongest growing demand for Internet addresses. That is more and more people in Asia are using the Internet. In contrast to North America and Europe, demand for the Internet in Asia is not only growing, but also growing at an accelerating rate.

In 2010, while the global IGF[1] is already in its fifth and final year of its initial charter, and Regional IGFs have been established in many other regions, including Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, to date, Asia has seen no parallel forum for discussing Internet governance issues at a regional level. For the first time, the APrIGF is therefore being convened in Hong Kong with objectives to raise awareness and encourage participation from relevant stakeholders around the region on Internet governance issues, as well as to foster multi-lateral, multi-stakeholder discussion about issues pertinent to the Internet in Asia.

The multi-stakeholder approach is a core principle of the APrIGF with the emphasis on the diversity of participants and openness of the discussion. Valuing the youth as an important stakeholder and the future generations of the Internet, a Youth IGF also become an integral part of the APrIGF whereby they are held in parallel annually featuring a simulation of the multi-stakeholder discussion model among the young people on various Internet governance issues.

Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG)

The Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) of APrIGF is a self-organised committee with members from around the AP Internet Community formed with the below objectives:

  • To support and ensure the proper conduct of the organizational work of the annual Asia Pacific Regional IGF,
  • To promote and encourage dialogue among all stakeholders involved with Internet governance related issues in the Asia Pacific region, and
  • To act as an interface between the Asia Pacific IGF community and the global IGF community.

The membership emphasizes the inclusion of multi-stakeholders and so is open to any interested individuals within the AP region who are committed to:

  • The Organisational Principles of openness, transparency and multi-stakeholder cooperation,
  • Devote some time and effort in support of the APrIGF, and
  • Maintaining and demonstrating respect for all other members.

Any interested individuals who would like to join the MSG must read through the Operating Principles[2] of the MSG as well as acknowledging and accepting it. If you wish to become part of the MSG, please kindly contact the secretariat.

An Election Procedure[3] has been adopted by the MSG on 2 July 2015 during the APrIGF Macao 2015.

We welcome any comments and feedback on the Operating Principles from the community whereby amendments could be made under the discussion and decision from the MSG from time to time whenever necessary.

Upcoming Meeting

APrIGF 2020 Kathmandu

Date: Prep-Day 26 May (Tue); Main Conference 27 July (Wed) - 29 July (Fri)

Venue: Kathmandu Marriott Hotel

Host: Internet Governance Institute, Internet Society Nepal, Internet Exchange Nepal and Nepal Internet Foundation

Event Website: http://aprigf2020.org.np

Overarching Theme: Internet Governance for Good: Norms, Standards and Mechanisms

2020 Call For Session Proposals

Submission Deadline: 24 Feb 2019, 24:00 UTC

Announcement: https://www.aprigf.asia/news/2020/call-for-2020-session-proposals.html

Potential Speaker List

This Potential Speaker List aims to help workshop organizers to enrich their proposal with diverse speakers and especially assist them to look out for speakers from the local vicinity as well as those with funding to travel for the event.

If you are planning to participate in APrIGF whether in-person or remotely and are open to sharing your expertise as a speaker, we encourage you to sign up as a Potential Speaker. Person on the Potential Speakers List may be invited by workshop organizers to be speaker/panelist on workshop relating to their field of expertise and experience

Please follow the steps to add yourself to the list.

  1. Create your account on ICANN wiki and create a profile page outlining your expertise & past experiences (Guide)
  2. Add yourself to the below table and type [[Your Name]] to link your wiki profile or any external profile
  3. Outline briefly 3 area of expertise that you can contribute to a session in the table. More in-depth references and details shall be included in your profile instead.
  4. Leave your contact email in your profile should you wish to be contacted directly by the workshop organizers or leave your contact details to the secretariat via the online form for any future enquiry from the community.
  5. Please specify your planned attendance in order to assist the planning of workshop organizers. **Note: No funding support will be given to any potential speakers on the list.
2020 Potential Speakers List
Salut Name Job Title Organization Stakeholder Group Geographical Location 3 Area of Expertise Secured Funding to Attend (Yes/No)
e.g. Mr. Rajnesh Singh Regional Director of Asia Pacific Internet Society Technical Australia Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation, ICT4D, Future of the Internet Yes
Mr. Rom Kant Pandey Asst. Professor Tribhuvan University Academia Nepal ICT in Education, AI, Inclusiveness, PWD, Digital Economy, SDG, Government No
Ms. Amrita Choudhury Director CCAOI Civil Society India Intermediary liability, Child Safety and Rights, Encryption, Fake news Misinformation, Digital Literacy, Multistakeholderism, Access Yes
Mr. Shreedeep Rayamajhi Ict4D consultant Rayznews Civil Society Nepal Artificial intelligence governance, FoE, internet governance challenges, youth leadership Yes
Dr. Gnanajeyaraman Rajaram Professor SBM College of Engineering and Technology Academia Nepal Cybersecurity, Social media governance, digital literacy, Digital inclusion Yes
Mr. Ananda Gautam Program Officer Internet Governance Institute Youth Nepal Youth and Internet Governance, Evidence-Based Policy Making, Rural Technologies Yes
Mr. Satish Babu Chair APRALO Civil Society India Digital Economy

Access & Diversity

Capacity Building in IG

Mr. Chester Soong Director ISOC HK Chapter Civil Society Hong Kong Information security

Cybercrime investigation and management

Privacy and data protection regulations

Mr. Adarsh Bu Senior Network Engineer Innominds Technical India Expert in IoT and Internet in Rural/ Remote areas. No
Mr. Babu Ram Aryal Founder/CEO Internet Governance Institute Civil Society Nepal Telecom/Cyber Law | Digital Rights | Community Networks Yes
2019 Potential Speakers List
Salut Name Job Title Organization Stakeholder Group Geographical Location 3 Area of Expertise Secured Funding to Attend (Yes/No)
e.g. Mr Rajnesh Singh Regional Directior of Asia Pacific Internet Society Technical Australia Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation, ICT4D, Future of the Internet Yes
Mr. Kuowei Wu Board Member ChungHwa Telcom Technical Taiwan 1. Multi-Stakeholder Mechanism and Its implementation

2. "Critical Internet Resources" and its issues

3. Internet Fragmentation and its consequence & impacts.

Mr Priyatosh Jana Vice President (Membership) ISOC India Kolkata Chapter Civil Society


India Digital Inclusion, Accessibility&Empowerment,

Evolution of Internet Governance (Multi-stakeholder Participation),

Diversity,Youth and Internet,

ICT4D and Education,


Dr. Sudha Bhuvaneswari Narayanaswamy Professor Dr GR Damodaran College of Science Academia India Women in ICT

Cyber Security

Universal Access and Inclusion

Mr Jahangir Hossain Vice Chair ISOC Bangladesh Dharka Chapter Technical Bangladesh Cyber Security, ICT4D, Community Empowerment. No
Ms Shaila sharmin Assistant Manager One Information and Communications Technology Ltd Technical Bangladesh 1. Emerging Internet Technologies, Internet Fragmentation

2. DNS/DNSSEC 3. Cybersecurity 4. Diversity : Community engagement and woman empowerment 

Ms Angela Daly Assistant Professor Chinese University of Hong Kong Academia Hong kong Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation

Emerging Technologies and Society Human Rights Online

Dr. Chung-Chin Lu Professor National Tsing Hua University Academia Taiwan 1. IoT in the Public Services

2. Open Data for Disaster Prevention and Management of Natural Resources

3. IoT Cybersecurity

Mr. Jonathan Brewer Consultant Telco2 Limited Technical New Zealand 1. Universal Access

2. Peering / Network Interconnection

3. Privacy & Security (in particular IoT)

Mr. Sivasubramanian Muthusamy President Internet Society India Chennai Civil Society India 1. Multistakeholder Model

2. Core Internet Values

3. Internet Policy

2018 Potential Speakers List
Salut. Name Job Title Organzation Stakeholder Group Geographical


3 Area of Expertise Secured Funding to Attend


Mr Rajnesh Singh Regional Directior of Asia Pacific Internet Society Technical Australia Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation, ICT4D, Future of the Internet Yes
Mr Edmon Chung CEO DotAsia Organisation Technical Hong Kong IDN, Universal Acceptance, Youth Mobility in Asia Yes
Ms Margret Joyce Kensen Compliance & Policy Officer OGCIO of Vanuatu Government Vanuatu 1. Policy, law and regulation evolving in terms of internet in small islands states especially Vanuatu.

2. Empowerment and inclusion of internet in the region.

3. Cybersecurity and cyber-crime – the law and its impact.

4. Universal access and inclusion.

5. Privacy laws

[if !supportLists]6.     [endif]Diversity and empowerment for access.

Ms Doreen Leona Chairlady Women and Girls in ICT Vanuatu Civil Society Vanuatu Access and Empowerment No
Ms Georgina Faerua Provincial Planner and Acting Secretary General Penama Provincial Government Council, Department of Local Authorities Government Vanuatu My experience as a Planner during a mass evacuation of 11,000 people out of the island of Ambae to other islands as a result of a Volcanic eruptions in Vanuatu. 

My experiences with technology as a key government personnel in the rural areas.  My experiences with Climate Change and Climate Change projects.

Mr Tamedal Joseph Elwin Teacher Education Government Vanuatu No
Mr Melteck Jean-Pierre Teacher Rensarie College Government Vanuatu Cyber crime 

Social Media 


Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Former Minister of Telecommunication, Somalia, now Head of ICT and Digital Economy NIDEO Technical Somalia IGF in general. Role of Government in interconnected world, telecommunication, Regulatory issues, IOT, Fintech issues Yes
Mr Bart Hogeveen Director of Cyber Capacity Buildling Australkian Strategic Policy Institute Civil Society Australia - international norms and confidence-building in cyberspace 

- global cyber capacity-building  - strategic policy and trend analysis  - cyber crisis management and exercises

Mr Tom Varghese Manager, Access and Connectivity Policy Facebook Private Sector Singapore 1) Access to Broadband Internet - policies and best practices 

2) Connectivity solutions for faster and more affordable broadband in urban and rural populations 

3) Enabling policy framework for digital economies

Ms Puthineath Lay Student National Institute of Posts, Telecoms and ICT Youth Cambodia Involvement of Youth in ICT
Mr Brent Carey Domain Name Comissioner Domain Name Comission Government New Zealand Privacy approaches in the .nz domain name industry 

Ways to deal with domain name registration abuse 

Domain names and alternative dispute resolution practices 

Ms Jenny Thornton International Development Manager Internet Watch Foundation Civil Society United Kingdom Cybersecurity, Child Online Protection, Multi-stakeholder Participation in Internet Governance No
Mr Chia I Cheng Legal Researcher Science & Technology Law Institute, Institute for Information Industry Civil Society Taiwan Network Neutrality, Internet Shutdown & Online Regulation, Spectrum Management & Broadband Policy Yes
Ms Sylvia Cadena Head of Programs APNIC Foundation Technical Australia Internet infrastructure development, Regulatory frameworks for equitable access, Community engagement on ICT projects 

Capacity building

Mr Klee Aiken External Relations Manager APNIC Technical Australia Cyber Policy, Capacity Building, Cybersecurity Yes
Ms Shita Laksmi Project Manager for Asia Diplo Foundation Academia Indonesia Multistakeholder process, Capacity building initiatives, Transparency and Accountability Yes
Mr Sivasubramanian_Muthusamy President, Internet Society India Chennai Internet Society Civil Society India Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation, ICT4D, Future of the Internet Yes
Mr Champika Wijayatunga Regional Security Engagement Manager ICANN Technical Australia DNS/DNSSEC, Cybersecurity, 

Internet Identifier Abuse Handling

Mr Winston Roberts Senior Advisor IFLA / National Library of New Zealand Civil Society New Zealand Online information services for open government, Community digital information services, Protection of & digital access to cultural heritage Yes
Mr Naveed Haq Regional Development Manager Internet Society Technical Pakistan Access & Empowerment 

Multi-stakeholder participation in Internet Governance 

Online Privacy & Protection

Mr Min Hsuan Wu Deputy CEO Open Culture Foundation Civil Society Taiwan Civic Tech, Open Government, LGBT Yes
Mr Chung-Chin Lu Professor National Tsing Hua University Academia Taiwan Communication Theory, Disaster Prevention Network, Public Network Infrastructure Yes
Mr Shreedeep Rayamajhi ICT4D Consultant RayZnews Civil Society Nepal Internet Governance Policy, Cyber Security, Youth Leadership No
Ms Sajina Karki Gender Experts RayZnews Civil Society Nepal Gender Equality, Women Leadership, Internet Policy No
Mr Talal Raza Program Manager Media Matters for Democrazy Media Pakistan CyberSecurity, Online Protection and Privacy, Access and Empowerment No
Mr Jahangir Hossain Vice Chair ISOC Bangladesh Dharka Chapter Technical Bangladesh Cyber security, Digital Economy, Internet Governance  No
Mr. Benjz Gerard Sevilla Planning Officer Department of Information and Communications Technology Government Philippines Promoting Access and Rural Connectivity, Broadband Deployment and the Digital Economy, ICT Planning and the Multistakeholder Policy Development Process Yes
Ms Sidra Jalil Director Operations Code for Pakistan Civil Society Pakistan Digital Empowerment for Youth and Women, Open Data, Civic Tech No
Mr Kritipong Jupoh Teacher Organic Family Civil Society Thailand Facilitator on political Economic, akha and Thai. Cross culture community development, and  Indigenous Knowledge and wisdom. No
Ms Anju Mangal Knowledge Management and ICT Specialist Pacific Community (SPC) Inter-governmental Organisation Fiji ·       Cybersecurity

·       Access and Empowerment

·       Multi-Stakeholder Participation in Internet Governance

Ms Argyro Karanasiou Assistant Professor of Law (SL) Bournemouth University Academia United Kingdom Data Protection, AI & Law, Data-Driven Governance No
Mr Satish Babu Chair, APRALO ICANN Civil Society/ Technical India Internet Governance, Multi-stakeholder Model, IDNs, DLTs, IoT, Open Source No
Mr Rohana Palliyaguru Director Operations Sri Lanka CERT/CC Government Sri Lanka Cyber security, Internet Governance, Privacy and Freedom of expression No
Ms Mili Semlani Media Consultant IGF Civil Society/Youth India Gender Youth, Media at IG, Multi stakeholder participation in IG No
Ms Ying-Chu Chen Assistant Research Fellow Taiwan Institute of Economic Research Private Sector Taiwan e-commerce, Internet Governance, Digital Government, Privacy, Data protection, Cyber Security regulation No
Mr Gertjan Boulet Legal researcher and lecturer Korea University Academia Republic of Korea - Cybersecurity law and policy

- EU privacy and data protection law

- Peacetime and wartime international law applicable to cyber operations

Mr Kenneth Katafono Entrepreneur and ICT Consultant TraSeable Solutions Pte Ltd Private Sector Fiji DLT/Blockchain, Digitisation and Enterprise MIS in the Pacific, Cybersecurity, IoT No
Mr Waqas Hassan President Internet Society Pakistan Islamabad Chapter Civil Society Pakistan Internet access and infrastructure , Digital Empowerment of Women in South Asia, Digital economy and internet taxation, especially in Pakistan  No
Mr Benjamin  Zhou Project Manager The University of Hong Kong Civil Society Hong Kong government transparency, corporate transparency, digital rights No
Ms Dikchya Raut Cyber Law Officer Campaign against Cyber Crime Youth Nepal 1. Cyber Crime 

2. The role of youth in building sustainable Internet ecosystem. 

3.Awareness on Cyber Security in developing countries. 

Mr Waruna Sri Dhanapala Senior Assistant Secretary (ICT for Development) Ministry of Telecommunication, Digital Infrastructure & Foreign Employment Government Sri Lanka 1. ICT for Development

2. Internet Governance

3. Development co-operation

4. Sustainable Development/SDGs and 2030 Global Development Agenda

5. Skills development for ICT Industries and digital inclusiveness

6. Development Issues of Small States

Dr Aris Ignacio Dean, College of Information Technology Southville International School and Colleges Academia Philippines Youth Engagement/Involvement in IG, Outreach through Digital Literacy, ICT for Development No
Mr Ali AlMeshal Head of Digital Business / Board Member of Bahrain ISOC CrediMax Bank / ISOC Bahrain Private business / Civil Bahrain Digital Business and Credit Card professional. E-commerec , cybersecurtiy No
Ms Annam Lodhi Project Media Matters for Democracy Civil Society Pakistan Digital Empowerment, Gender Equity, Access and empowerment No
Ms Komal Mughal Project Lead Media Matters for Democracy Civil Society Pakistan community journalism, access and empowerment, diversity No
Mr Prateek Pathak President/CEO The Internet Society India Mumbai Chapter/ Heterotopia Media and Entertainment Private Limited Media India Emerging Technologies,Digital Economy,Data protection and Cyber Laws,Technology policy,Multi-stakeholder governance,Consumer Trust,New gTLD,Capacity Building. No
Mr Babu Ram Aryal Executive Forum for Digital Equality Civil Society Nepal #Cybersecurity #FOE #Access #Cybercrime #law&policy No
Mr Sakib Adnan Solution Manager Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Limited Technical Bangladesh 1. Cyber security (For general and technical people) 

2. Communication Technology for Rural area people to fulfill the requirement of Education, Healthcare & agriculture. 

3.Impact of social media on the life of Developing and under-developed countries.

Ms Hasna Khairunnisa Founder FemaleTechPioneers PENS in Indonesia Youth Indonesia Diversity 

Access and Empowerment

Ms Zolzaya Shagdar Chief Operations Manager Mogul Service and Support LLC Private Sector Mongolia Gender equality in Mongolian ICT, Diversity, Inclusion No
Mr. Ali Hussain Technology Researcher (Digital Rights Management) University of Malaya Academia Pakistan ICT for development,

Digital Content Security and Gender balance for sustainable economic development.

.Dr. Sam Goundar Professor Multiple Universities Academia/Civil Society Fiji/Malaysia Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies No
Mr Santosh Sigdel Vice President ISOC Nepal Civil Society Nepal Online Privacy and Protection , Online Freedom of Expression, Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence No
Dinesh Tech Director Janastu Technical / Civil Society India Web Annotation based content Renarration for low-literates, archives and indigenous media making, 3D spacial navigation of Information No
Mr Handoko Suwono CEO Datacom Informatika Private Sector Indonesia Cybersecurity in underserved area, open-source software for in-field deployment, good management practice, green environment and energy conservation, freedom of expression and responsibility, openness using the social media platform with cases from ASEAN regions No
Mr Priyatosh Jana Assistant Professor, Department of CSE Mallabhum Institute of Technology Academia India Digital Literacy, Access and Empowerment,ICT4D,Youth for Internet Governance,MOOC No
Mr Chester Soong Director ISOC Hong Kong Civil Society Hong Kong Information  Security 

Data and privacy protection (enforcement) 

Intellectual Property laws 

Cybercrime management and investigation

Mr Shahjahan Siraj Director Machizo Multimedia Communication Media Bangladesh Session Facilitation, Effective Use of Online Media, Multimedia Production on Development Issues No
Mr Ashirwad Tripathy Co-founder/ Executive Director Educating Nepal Civil Society Nepal - Developmental activities through Educating and Empowerment in marginalized community through use of ICT since 2012. 

- Connecting broadband Internet to disaster affected communities of Nepal after Nepal earthquake 2015  - Field research and papers on various ICT issues during and after disaster.

Mr Rejinel Valencia Information Officer Philippine Institute for Development Studies Government Philippines Regulatory issues of sharing economy, Social media and youth participation, Social media as a political public sphere No
Mr David Ng Co-Founder eHelp Association Civil Society Hong Kong Child Online Safety, Community and Multistakeholder Engagement, Youth Participation No
Mr Ziyam Abdeen Computer Network and Security Trainer WinSYS Networks Academia Sri Lanka Technical Training and Mentoring, 

Multi stakeholder Policy Development Process, 

Community engagement and woman empowerment  

Mr Waqas Naeem Project Manager Media Matters for Democracy Civil Society Pakistan Online Privacy and Protection, Digital Economy and Emerging Internet Technologies, Multi-stakeholder Participation in Internet Governance No
Ms Hazwany (Nany) Jamaluddin
  • Blogger
  • Multi-disciplinary data practitioner
  1. https://nanyjharon.net/
  2. Open Heroines
  3. Internet Society Malaysia Chapter
Civil Society Malaysia Data protection and privacy, inter-generational capacity/knowledge building, digital literacy, access to information, open data, open government No
Mr Keith Rozario Blogger​ / Creator sayakenahack.com keithRozario.com Technical Society Malaysia / Singapore InfoSec, Architecture, Blogging No
Dr Shawn Tan Principal Engineer Aeste Technical Society Malaysia Digital Economy and Emerging Internet Technologies (IoT, Blockchain, Cloud Computing), Cyber Security, Online Privacy and Protection. No
Ms Sidra Jalil Vice President Internet Society Pakistan Civil Society Pakistan Open Data, Civic Tech, Women Empowerment No
Mr M.C.L. Rodrigo Additional Secretary (Development) Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure Government Sri Lanka ICT Security, 

e-Government policy and governance, 

Social media and public policy 

Ms Akari Noguchi Public Policy Principle Yahoo Japan Corporation Private Sector Japan #(CSAM) Child sexual abused material combat 

#digital literacy and education 


Dr Wanqing Tu Senior Lecturer The University of Auckland Academia New Zealand Access and Empowerment, Community and Multistakeholder Engagement Yes
Ms Cherie Lagakali System Manager Tropica Corporation Technical Fiji Online Privacy & Protection 

Access and Empowerment 

Multi-Stakeholder Participation in Internet Governance

Mr Andrey Dugin MTS Technical Russia DDoS protection. 

Web Application Firewall architecture.  Securing the network.

Mr Solomon Wesley Sua Papua New Guinea 1. Cyber Security and Forensics Skills Training 

2. National Cyber Security Operations Center  3. National Cyber Security Forensics Laboratory

Dr Chung-Chin Lu Professor National Tsing Hua University Academia Taiwan Communication Theory, Disaster Prevention Network, Public Network Infrastructure Yes

Online Education 

Internet Shutdown


Past Meetings

Event Year Date City/Region Link
APrIGF 2019 July 16 - 19 Vladivostok, Russia 2019.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2019 July 16 - 19 Vladivostok, Russia 2019.aprigf.asia
APrIGF 2018 August 13 - 16 Port Vila, Vanuatu 2018.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2018 August 13 - 16 Port Vila, Vanuatu 2018.yigf.asia
APrIGF 2017 July 26 - 29 Bangkok, Thailand 2017.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2017 July 26 - 29 Bangkok, Thailand 2017.yigf.asia
APrIGF 2016 July 26 - 29 Taipei, Taiwan 2016.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2016 July 26 - 29 Taipei, Taiwan 2016.yigf.asia
APrIGF 2015 June 30 - July 03 Macao SAR, China 2015.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2015 June 30 - July 03 Macao SAR, China 2015.yigf.asia
APrIGF 2014 August 03 - 06 Delhi, India 2014.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2014 August 03 - 06 Delhi, India 2014.yigf.asia
APrIGF 2013 September 04 - 06 Seoul, Korea 2013.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2013 September 03 - 06 Seoul, Korea 2013.yigf.asia
APrIGF 2012 July 18 - 20 Tokyo, Japan 2012.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2012 July 19 Tokyo, Japan 2012.yigf.asia
APrIGF 2011 June 16 - 18 Singapore 2011.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2011 June 16 - 18 Singapore 2011.yigf.asia
APrIGF 2010 June 14 - 18 Hong Kong SAR, China 2010.aprigf.asia
YIGF 2010 June 12 - 14 Hong Kong SAR, China 2010.yigf.asia

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Discussion Platform: discuss@aprigf.asia

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If you wish to become part of the MSG, kindly contact the secretariat at sec@aprigf.asia.