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NextGen at ICANN is an outreach initiative created by ICANN. Up to 25 end-users and stakeholders are introduced to ICANN during conferences through an "inclusive, supportive, and tailored program." The initiative began at ICANN 49, and featured 25 participants between the ages of 18 and 30. It is a regionally based initiative meant to engage undergraduate and graduate students and introduce them to ICANN.


NextGen at ICANN grew from the work of ICANN's Strategy Panel on the Public Responsibility Framework as a way to build trust and communication within the Internet community. Its goals include maintaining a "stable, inclusive, and accessible Internet across the globe..." Additionally, the organization seeks to continually engage what the community perceives to be the "next generation" in the Internet ecosystem.

In a blog post pertaining to the initiative, ICANN pointed to NetMission's support of the endeavor, and expressed gratitude at the organization's level of collaboration in refining the initiative.[1]

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According to ICANN's website, the organization received over 200 applications within their 10-day application period. The NextGen selection committee selected 17 of the 200 applicants to attend ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires.

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