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The creation of new gTLDs has been on ICANN's agenda since the creation of the organization. In 2000, ICANN created 7 new gTLDs to add to the root zone[1] in addition to the original 7 TLDs. ICANN later added another 8 Sponsored Top Level Domains (sTLDs) between 2005 and 2011. In June, 2011, at the ICANN 41 meeting in Singapore, the ICANN Board approved a new gTLD program that would allow any entity to apply for and manage their own name space.

The industry has been preparing for the opening of the New gTLD Program for a number of years, and following the approval the program in Singapore, a whole new gTLD services industry was launched. A list detailing a number of entities involved in the new gTLD consultation, management, and other related services follows.

Our full list of new gTLD applicants can be found here.


Most registries are breaking down their services depending on the intended audience of the new extension. This includes services targeted for: Brand gTLDs, Niche or Community gTLDs, GeoTLDs, and more broadly generic extensions. Most of these companies are also offering consultancy services.


Verisign is the world's largest domain name registry,[2] it has provided the technical back end for the .com name space since 2000.[3]


Neustar makes the unique claim that they have launched more gTLDs than any other registry in the world.[4]


Afilias claims to have more registrations from the last round of new gTLDs than all other registries combined.[5] It is the current registry operator of .info and .mobi; the former has been called the most successfully launched TLD since .com.[6] They also provide the technical back-end for a number of ccTLDs.[7]


AusRegistry offers both consultancy and registry services.[8] One of the first public gTLD applicants, GJB Partners, announced that they would be contracting with AusRegistry for the back-end of their proposed .jewelers domain.[9]

Minds + Machines

Minds + Machines offers Espresso registry services, which are based on CoCCA software, for the management of the registry; your TLD's Espresso installation can either be hosted with Minds + Machines, or can be set up locally so that you may have total control. Espresso is used by many major registrars and 30 ccTLD registrars.[10] They charge a flat rate fee of $100k per year for their services, following a $25k contract fee and another $75k fee at the start of the new gTLD application period.[11] The currently are the registry for .fm.[12] They offer their services at a discounted price, of up to 50% off, for disadvantaged applicants, such as those from developing nations or non-profit organizations.[13] A step ladder pricing was recently announced for those wanting to apply for Brand gTLDs, allowing applicants to secure their brand at a lower price, with the price of management increasing as usage of the TLD increases.[14]


CentralNic has mainly divided its services between two business divisions, DotBrand Solutions and TLDs for Associations. The former does focus on DotBrand gTLDs, but is also ready to serve more generic proposals. The latter is aimed at helping associations defensively obtain their name space or also develop and monetize the extension.[15]


Key-Systems has already been chosen by Punto Madrid to aide with the ICANN application process and provide the registry services of its proposed .madrid GeoTLD.[16] Their marketing approach includes interactive webinars to create a conversational forum for gTLD education.[17]


CORE, or the Internet Council of Registrars, is a non-profit organization formed in 1996 based on the Generic Top Level Domains-Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU) for assisting the launch of new domain name spaces. It was created to administer the worldwide registration of new domain names on the internet. The original TLDs involved were: .firm, .shop, .web, .arts, .rec, .info, .cat and .nom.[18] It is an ICANN accredited registrar.

CORE has supported the launch of 3 TLDs through various registry back-end service packages, those TLDs are .aero (2002), .museum (2003), and .cat (2006).[19] CORE currently provides technical registry services for two gTLDs (.cat and .museum) and operates a neutral shared channel connecting registries to registrars for all existing gTLDs and many ccTLDs. CORE is also a registry services provider for the newest round of gTLDs opening up in 2012.[20][21] They have already been chosen by SportAccord to be their technical back-end provider for a proposed .sport extension.[22]


OpenRegistry is a newly established company with a business model revolving around new gTLDs. Its founders were behind the launch of .eu.[23]

Cloud Registry

Cloud Registry offers full-service registry operations on its registry platform, with a focus on flexibility, visibility and control. It also offers gTLD consultancy services.[24]


Nominet is the registry for .uk domains; It announced in November, 2011 that it was now a gTLD Registry Services Provider. It has so far been rumored to be working with a number of applications, though .wales is their only confirmed client.[25]


UrbanBrain is a Japanese registry services and consultancy; they stress that they are able to help an organization with singular parts of the gTLD application and management process, or oversee the entire process.[26]

GMO Registry

GMO Registry has experience in varied aspects of the domain services industry, as it is a part of the larger GMO Internet, which also owns Asia's first ICANN-accredited registrar.[27] The company was launched in 2009 by GMO Internet to specifically work as a new gTLD registry and consultancy services provider. It was the first such business to be launched in Japan. They launched the registry after the ICANN Board approved a policy process for new gTLDs in June, 2008.[28]


RegistryASP has experience servicing ccTLDs and IDNs, and they are offering comprehensive consultancy and registry services packages for new gTLDs.[29] It is a subsidiary of Qinetics Solutions Berhad. Its packages include a number of services they market as free, including no fees for the first year of service.[30]


BrandShelter is a division of Key-Systems, through this relationship they offer both registry and consultancy services.[31] They are mainly focusing on dotBrand type extensions as a part of their other brand protection services.[32]

Central Registry Solutions

Central Registry Solutions is a partnership between Network Solutions and CentralNic,[33] which has been offering uninterrupted global service for 15 years.[34]


PartnerGate is technically focused, they have already been chosen by TLDDOT GmbH to provide the technical back-end operation of their proposed .gmbh extension.[35] strictly deals with new gTLDs.[36]


TANGO REGISTRY SERVICES is a new registry services product that publicly debuted in 2011, following the approval of a new gTLD program at ICANN Singapore. They were silver sponsors for ICANN 42 in Dakar,[37] and have been sponsoring other domain events throughout 2011 such as the the conference held in Munich and Domain Forum held in Sofia.[38][39] TANGO is largely a software-based services, with registry hardware, aimed exclusively at the Brand TLD market. It is wholly owned and distributed by Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH,[40] which also owns ironDNS.[41]

Cloud Names

Cloud Names is a back-end registry service created for the new gTLD program, marketed towards dotBrand applicants. The company is made up of domain industry veterans, and offers application assistance, registry operation, and all other registry-related services. They provide tools for non-experts within companies to manage and monitor their domains.[42] has been the registry for .br domains for 20+ years and the technical back-end for LACNIC since its inception. It January, 2012, it announced that it would also be gTLD Registry Services Provider, with a focus on Brazilian organizations or multinational corporations with Brazilian subsidiaries. It currently manages over 2.7 million domain names.[43][44]


Famous Four Media actively participates in ICANN’s new generic Top Level Domains (TLD) rollout by providing outsourced services to generic TLD Registry operators. The 60 gTLD applications, that are currently under FFM management, include .accountant, .bid, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .men, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam and .win


The services offered by new gTLD consultants include evaluating the prospects of the proposed extension, assisting with the process of filling out a new gTLD application, guidance through the application process, and in some circumstances, once a gTLD is approved, the consultant will manage the TLD for you.

Thomsen Trampedach

Thomsen Trampedachis a Swiss based consulting company, founded in 2007. Thomsen Trampedach worked on 25 new gTLD applications in the 2012 application window assisting brands, cities and cultural TLD operators in all phases related to new gTLDs from feasibility studies, competitor analysis, project managing and writing applications and business plans, to developing and implementing concepts of use. Post launch they assist gTLD operators with all operational and ICANN compliance tasks.
Thomsen Trampedach are members of ICANN´s intellectual property constituency, INTA’s Internet Committee as well as their Anti Counterfeiting committee. In addition to new gTLD services they offer a large range of monitoring and enforcement services as well as corporate domain name management.

Right of the Dot

Right of the Dot is a consulting firm for new and existing gTLDs, founded by industry executive Monte Cahn and renowned domainer Michael H. Berkens. They are focused on the management of premium domains, the sales and marketing of TLDs, and board advisement.[45] They assisted with the launch of .co, and are actively involved in the sales and marketing of their most premium single letter domain,[46]


Architelos offers strategy consulting and competitive analysis services, feasibility analysis, application support, TLD launch and management for new gTLDs, and front office SaaS solutions. Prior to beginning your application, they assist in judging the application's probability for success and the potential problems it may face in the application process and beyond. If you do decide to apply, they will assist in formulating the application, and if it is accepted, will guide you through the launch and crucial first year of the gTLD. Their services are aimed towards current DNS and IP industry players as well as newcomers.[47] Architelos operates as an independent third party with no vested financial interest in or plans to apply personally for any new TLDs, and operates on an open source platform. One of Architelos' founders, Alexa Raad is the former CEO of PIR, and helped to build up .org's industry presence.[48]

Melbourne IT

Melbourne IT was one of the first 5 Testbed Registrars enlisted by ICANN to register the initial 7 TLDs that the organization inherited oversight of.[49] Their preferred registry services partner is Verisign.[50]

DotBrand Solutions

DotBrand Solutions is run by CentralNic and provides custom tailored consulting to those seeking DotBrand gTLDs. The people behind DotBrand Solutions together have 15 years of experience in running 26 different TLDs.[51] Services they offer include preparation of the business case, application management, a registry system, integration with your existing domain name management systems, and other support.[52]


The MyTLD team is led by Constantine Roussos and Tina Dam.[53] Mr. Roussos has been leading his own new gTLD initiative, .music, for a number of years; he has also founded a number of other Internet initiatives, and been involved in various aspects of ICANN.[54] Ms. Dam is a former ICANN Director, and has been particularly influential for leading the deployment of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs); she is also involved in the .music initiative.[55] They offer full consultation services, from launch to management, and stress their extensive and varied work with and within ICANN.[56]

New gTLD Site

New gTLD Site provides a guide to the new gTLD program,[57] as well as free preliminary consulting services.[58]

FairWinds Partners

FairWinds Partners is a domain consulting company that focuses on working with brands. The services they offer include education about the new gTLD program and the pros and cons for a given brand, help developing a strategy for the brand, and help with the application. FairWinds is partnered with a variety of registries and registrars, and will pair a TLD applicant with the right registry and registrar(s) for the brand's strategy. They will act as a liaison between the TLD applicant and the registry, registrar, and ICANN, as well as assist with the naming structure for the TLD.[59] They also offer a gTLD Strategy blog, featuring articles about developments in the program, the application guidebook, debunks common myths, and recommendations for those who are considering or planning on applying.[60]

Instra Corporation

Instra Corporation specializes in global DNS technology. They are providing consulting services for the new gTLD program, with the following offered services: registry solutions. DNS solutions, application assistance, second level domain assitance. They offer their services to those applying for DotBrand, GeoTLDs, and generic TLDs, with each service costing an individual fee.[61]


Valideus is a new gTLD consulting service run by the directors of ICANN-accredited registrar Com Laude.[62] It is targeted at brand owners seeking to launch their own TLDs, and provides project management, application assistance, business model, registry selection, and launch services, among others.[63]

NetNames Brand Service

The NetNames Brand Service is a consulting operation offered to those considering applying for DotBrand gTLDs. Their services include assistance with business plans, applications, launch and operation of the TLD, and monitoring possible trademark infringing or otherwise competing applications.[64]

eBrand Services

eBrand Services offers complete brand portfolio and risk management services, which have naturally expanded into new gTLDs.[65] They review your entire brand, your strategy behind it, and the effectiveness of current and possible changes. They claim to have tapped outside experts on domanining and ICANN to assist them in assessing the viability of a dotBrand TLD for a given corporation. They also claim to be able to assist with the entire process, through the final processes of delegation, implementation, and management.[66]

Brights Consulting

Brights Consulting is a brands management consultation company. Their approach is broken up between Trademark- and Domain-related services.[67] They present both the merits and difficulties of running a new gTLD up-front, and are available to assess a given brand's chances. They claim to have been following gTLD developments within ICANN since 2007, and stress their expertise in intellectual property.[68]

gTLD Team

The creation of the new consortium, gTLD Team, was timed exactly to the approval of the new gTLD program by the ICANN Board in June, 2011. The consortium was created by ITEMS International, which has offices throughout Europe, in Africa, and a network that extends around the world. They specialize in ICT consulting, and have been involved in domain and ICANN circles for a number of years; they have worked with AFNIC, the European Commission, and have been contracted by ICANN to carry out reviews of its ccNSO and ASO. Their more broad ICT consultation background, their recent involvement in ICANN, and their creation of a new consortium of experts puts them in a place to consult with any gTLD initiatives.[69] The 20 some consultants brought together to form the new venture include at least one former ICANN Board member and other ICANN regulars.[70]


Sedari is a new consulting firm exclusively working with new gTLD applicants. Their team speaks 9 languages, is internationally focused, and is made up of regular ICANN participants. They suggest contracting with different partners for related services, and they offer a few possibilities in each category, which include DNS services, aftermarket and auction providers, registry services, and legal help.[71]

Jean Guillon

Jean Guillon is an individual with prior work experience with INDOM; he previously consulted their clients with regards to new gTLDs before creating his personal consultation service. He has spent a number of years working at various places within the industry, including work with EURid,,, and elsewhere. He takes a varying approach to each project, depending on the client's level of investment and the actual project. Mr. Guillon is not affiliated with any back-end registry provider, but has an array of contacts throughout the industry.[72]


CSC, Corporate Services Company, is a consultation company that was founded in 1899 as a legal and financial services provider.[73] They have a separate Domain division and in-house registrar.[74]


ADACOM offers a number of services other than new gTLD consulting, and are known as an IT Security Integrator, a Certification Service Provider and an Enterprise Software Vendor.[75] Their gTLD services are one part of their multi-faceted, security focused, consultations services.[76]

Provident Link

Provident Link is a consultant company based in Queensland for new gTLDs in Australia and New Zealand.[77]


Founded in 1997 under the name of Mailclub by Charles Tiné, SafeBrands offers a personalized and high-quality service to thousands of clients in its three areas of expertise: comprehensive domain name portfolio management, added value hosting and SSL Certificates. SafeBrands has managed several newgtlds applications for major companies in Europe, and still runs them, and organises training on how to manage newtlds. SafeBrands is based in Montréal, Paris and Marseille.

Data Escrow

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain serves as the default escrow agent for ICANN's own RDE Program, which requires that certain information be escrowed with access given to ICANN in case any registrar loses its ICANN accreditation.[78] 97% of Fortune 1000 companies use Iron Mountain as their information manager.[79]

NCC Group

NCC Group is the other leading registry data escrow service.[80] NCC Group entered the ICANN industry when it assisted ICANN with the development of the gTLD Registry Failover Plan in 2008. It is the only escrow provider with major operations in Europe and North America, and is compliant with US and EU law.[81] Minds + Machines has already teamed up with NCC Group using their New gTLD registry and consulting services,[82] and Key-Systems has selected NCC Group as on of its preferred partners for data escrow services for applicants that have selected KSregistry as their new gTLD operating platform.

DNS Services

Dyn Inc.

Dyn Inc., established in 1998 by a team of young technologists, is a company offering web hosting services and sophisticated web technology solutions. It is an IaaS and DNS services manager; they provide two different DNS platforms, one for individuals and small businesses, and the other for larger corporations.[83] They claim to be the world's fastest growing provider of managed DNS.[84]


UltraDNS is a subsidiary of NeuStar. UltraDNS offers DNS and traffic management services. UltraDNS claim their managed DNS solutions are "capable of processing thousands of queries per second."[85] Services offered by UltraDNS are mainly targeted towards companies and businesses rather than individuals; UltraDNS provides "solutions to organizations that rely on DNS for their critical business processes, applications and services." [86] Its large clients include Myspace, LinkedIn, and


ironDNS is already used by about 750,000 second level domains and several TLDs.[87]


ISC is a non-profit public benefit corporation. They produce commercial quality open source software, which is available for free download. They are most well-known for developing and maintaining BIND, which was recognized as an important part of Internet infrastructure; ISC's involvement with BIND allowed it to become a root name server operator.[88]


Dreyfus and Associés

Dreyfus and Associés was founded by intellectual property expert, Nathalie Dreyfus, in 2004.[89][90] While they are based in Paris, France, the firm is active throughout Europe as well as internationally.[91] They established offices in Strasbourg, Germany in 2009.[92]

Kelley Drye

Kelley Drye is an established law firm representing US and international corporations that has moved into the new gTLD space. They are currently educating their many clients and potential clients on the opportunities and dangers for brands in the new program.[93]

Auction Providers

Talking with auction providers will give operators an idea of what premium names should be reserved and what they can ask for them.


SnapNames is an online marketplace for resale of domain names. SnapNames is a 100% subsidiary of, a Los Angeles company that also owns other well-known brands such as, and[94] introduced the concept of auctioning off domains that came to the market and charging a customer fees only if they actually acquired a domain. This made them very competitive as other sites in the same industry charged a customer whether they won a similar auction or not. Of course, now a lot of sites in the industry have imitated this feature, but the fact is that instituted it.[95]


Sedo, which stands for Search Engine for Domain Offers, is a domain name marketplace and domain parking provider. Sedo was founded in Germany in 2001, and has headquarters in both Cambridge, Massachusetts and Cologne, Germany. The company has 150 employees from more than 25 countries at offices located in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany, and 1 million customers with 16 million domain names.[96]


Moniker works with SnapNames to provide domain name auctions and management; both are a part of[97] acquired in 2008, and then merged its operations with SnapNames.[98] Moniker is known as the first, and arguably only, provider of Domain Asset Management™, a complete set of business services that provide companies a single-point-of-access to help manage and maximize the value of their domains. These services include: name creation, registration, acquisition, portfolio management, appraisal and escrow services, traffic monetization and after-market sales. Moniker claims the industry's highest customer retention rate and pioneered the industry’s first domain appraisal formula.[99]

Other General Resources

Most of the industry news sources and blogs have been intently following the developments of new gTLDs within ICANN. The following stand out as particularly or exclusively focused on the topic. new TLD leagues runs sophisticated algorithms to record movements in the secondary markets and premium segments. It famous new TLD league covers most of the new TLD sales. The league of domain name sales can be found here. It also tracks sales of TLDs and registries.


DomainIncite is a domain and ICANN-centric blog principally written by Kevin Murphy that is updated daily. Much of its recent coverage has been focused on ICANN's new gTLD program and the applicants involved. It can be found here.


.nxt is both a conference regarding Internet developments, especially those related to the expansion of the TLD space, and a blog that documents happenings within the same realm. Both are run by Kieren McCarthy. The resources include a list of announced new gTLD ventures, found here. Portions of the site require registration. is an informational blog operated by Neustar on the topic of ICANN and new gTLDs.

Frakes on a Plane

Jothan Frakes is a long-time industry insider, and offers his point of view and expertise via his blog, Frakes on a Plane.[100] Mr. Frakes has helped launch new gTLD consultation companies, Sedari, and Minds + Machines, as well as other industry companies.

New gTLD Site

New gTLD Site's consultation business seems to be a side note to its free resources, which include a list of announced gTLD ventures, and general information on the entire process and industry.

Top Level Domains ALERT

A blog run by Jean Guillon, which is documenting new gTLD initiatives and news, here. He is also offering his services as a private new gTLD consultant.[101]

This resource,, the Munich Conference on New TLDs[102] started in 2011, and is produced and operated by United Domains; it includes a comprehensive list of proposed TLD ventures.


Minds + Machines' Antony Van Couvering has a blog detailing new gTLD opportunities and services, which includes a list of useful ICANN produced and non-ICANN resources, found here.

In addition to collecting any and all videos about new TLDs, the site also features a list of known new TLD applications, which can be found here.

Another site run by Jean Guillon, it is an alphabetical listing of announced gTLD ventures and other relevant information, it can be found here.

New gTLDs in categories, with the applicant info and discussion, it can be found here.


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